Creamy Coconut Lentils and Turkey stew + Chapatis?

Creamy coconut Lentil stew
Lentil stew is a great new discovery. After having a hard time finding “Ndengu” or green gram beans, I opted for green lentils and have never regretted it. Unlike “Ndengu”, lentils are easy to cook and do not need the overnight soaking and hours to cook.


Ethiopian Cuisine at it’s best

Are you looking for Exotic foods and Ethnic food from Africa? Why not try food from the East African countries of Ethiopia and Kenya? One may think that since Ethiopia and Kenya are in East Africa, the food must be somewhat similar. You would be surprised to learn that nothing can be further from the truth. Ethiopian dishes are very different from Kenyan dishes.  Visit with Haiget from Haiget’s Catering . She can explain why and how they differ. Highlighted here are some of the Ethiopian dishes she offers. You will need to say how many guests you expect for customization of your catering package.

 Siga Wot

This is a red chili beef dish that starts off with pieces of cubed beef simmered with onions. Red chili is added and the dish is cooked for about two hours. No water is added.  The juices from the beef are enough to cook the beef until it is tender and easily separates with a fork. The red chili makes the dish hot.



If you cannot stand the heat, go for the Tibs. This dish is made of cubed beef, fried and cooked slowly in onions, tomatoes, black pepper, red pepper, green pepper and garnished with a traditional homemade ghee. The Ghee looks like butter and is made of fresh cream, cooked down to a buttery consistency and is seasoned with herbs called Korerima and Koseret.



This dish is simple and easy to make. Lentils are sautéed in onion and garlic and seasoned with turmeric.



This is a lovely pairing of beets and potatoes. Onions are sautéed in olive oil. Beets and potatoes are added and salt is added to enhance the flavor. Don’t be surprised to see your dish look a little purplish. The color from the beets soaks into the potatoes for that surprise purple tint.



Cabbage is shredded and sautéed with onions and carrots. Fresh garlic, crushed and finely grated fresh root ginger are added for added spice. Don’t forget to add chopped jalapeno peppers for added kick and turmeric for color.


The spicy beef, regular beef, lentils, beef and potatoes and cabbage cannot be complete without this traditional flat bread called Injera.   Injera is made of wheat flour and ground Tef seeds from a grain grown in Ethiopia. The Tef seeds look a lot like flax seed.  This bread forms the basis of the dish. Traditionally, Injera is laid flat on a plate and then loaded with small heaps of beef, chicken, veggies that will delight your guests.

It may also be served as rolled pieces and served as a side dish to accompany the meat and veggie delights.

There you have it. A hint of what to expect when you go looking for Ethiopian Cuisine.

Call Haiget’s Catering and make it a different kind of meal for your next family get together, house party or office party. They cater all kinds of events, any day of the week.

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