Chicken Tacos: Easy and Quick

Chicken Taco and Taco Sauce

This is an easy meal to prepare and very quick if you have all the ingredients on hand. (more…)

Mexican shoppe – a wonderful shopping experience

Mexican food is slowly becoming a favorite of mine because it reminds me so much of my Kenyan heritage and food my mama cooks. Take the tortillas, they are similar to chapati, the beans, well beans are just that, beans. They come as black beans, red beans, black eyed peas… oops, is that Mexican..???  Salsa is similar to  kachumbari..mmmmh mmmmh good.

The reason I went to this supermarket was to see if they had mangoes and avocados; real ones- I mean mangoes and avocados that are  juicy and delicious when soft – meaning ripe!  I was not disappointed. Not only did I find my fruit, but I also found juice, juice and more juice…

Check this out:

64 0z/2 quart carton of  mango juice, horchata, (a rice and cinnamon drink) and a never before seen coconut pineapple nectar drink. For snacks I could not resist the coconut, strawberry muffin like cake, a chocolate chip cookie, (twice as big as a cellphone) and very moist delicacy full of raisins:- which I ate on the spot.

If ever you are by La Michoacana on SW 29th and Western, step in and marvel at all the wonders from Mexico. This store is packed with goodies. Pick something from the grocery area, the butchery area, the bakery and don’t forget the cafe. You can get freshly cooked  meats aka beef or chicken for only $3.00/lb or a plate for $4.99.  Let me not spoil it for you. You need to visit  to believe it.

While we had gone in for mangoes, avocados and other fruit, we ended up buying marinated chicken, beef  and taco meat, tortillas, chili sauce.  We stocked up our kitchen real good and won’t need to be shopping for a while now!

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