Lentil Hummus


By now you know that I love HUMMUS. I try and make my own and keep in the fridge for snacking on. I usually make the chick pea/ garbanzo version. But last week, I was tempted into making a lentil version that I found in the March 2012, Martha Stewart Living magazine. The recipe called for cashew butter, but I still had some Tahini from my last batch of hummus. Some Advice. Don’t be afraid to substitute. The hummus came out great.



Couscous, a new discovery.

I have recently discovered that rice, potatoes, tortillas, pasta and bread have a new friend in my pantry; Couscous.


Hummus! OKC, Dubai and Nairobi eats.

Just one week back from our Christmas vacation, we decided to include the ingredients for this delightful dish in our grocery shopping list. Above, is what we came up with. Below, you will find the recipe.

We first ate  hummus as an appetizer at the Shishkabas restaurant in Oklahoma City on NW 32. It was interesting but we never thought of it again.  I think the reason is that, we were the only two people in the restaurant for the entire evening. Some young people would walk in and head on to another part of the restaurant where the DJ had some loud music going on and on and on. The food was not disappointing but the ambiance certainly was.

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Then while on vacation, we stopped off at the Nandoes Restaurant, The Greens in Dubai.  The Hummus came as an appetizer, a delicious dip made of  toasted sesame seeds and olive oil goodness. You see Hummus is really a paste made of chickpeas also called garbanzo beans, tahini and olive oil and is eaten as a spread over warm pita bread. Adding a hint of pepper makes it irresistible . Nandoes uses their own brand of Peri Peri to garnish the hummus. We simply could not have enough. Scrumplicious!


If you happen to be at Village Market in Nairobi, Kenya visit the Turkish restaurant called Sea World for your bowl of Hummus. This is served with what appears to be chapati  a good substitute for pita bread. With it comes pickled beats on a lettuce bedding. Delicious!

For our own home cooked version we found a great Hummus recipe  .

One 16 oz can of chick peas. Save liquid

¼ cup liquid from can of chick peas.

3-5 Tb sp lemon juice

1 ½ Tb sp Tahini ( sesame seed paste)

2 cloves garlic crushed

½ tsp salt

2 Tb Sp olive oil

Dash of Cayenne pepper (optional ) for those who like a little bit of spicy


  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse on low for 3-5 minutes until thoroughly mixed.
  2. To serve pour Hummus in a bowl. Make a well with spoon and ad 1-2 Tb Sp olive oil, garnish with cayenne pepper. (See 1st picture above).
  3. Serve with fresh, warm pita bread.

Next time we made Hummus we decided to use  chick peas/garbanzo beans made from scratch. Pre- cook chick peas per bag instruction. Here you see that I bagged the extra chick peas for another meal.

Use the same amount of peas, but add water 1/2 cup water to thin out the texture. The texture differs, but the taste is awesome.

p.s as we are now Hummus converts for life! 

If you don’t like the idea of making your own Hummus look for it in your grocery stores. You will be surprised to find that it comes in many different versions.

My next challenge will be to make the Lentil Hummus featured in the March 2012  issue of Martha Stewart Living on page 75.

You may also enjoy this incredible funny blog on Hummus. The author says you should eat Hummus and give chick peas a chance! ( Hummus 101)

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