Do you like Farm Fresh Eggs?

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Breakfast would not be true breakfast without a good egg and in particular a farm fresh egg.

I recently visited a local farm in Arcadia, Oklahoma and bought these beautiful tray of brown eggs. They were the real deal. Real farm fresh eggs, just like those at my grannies. Eggs from chicken that are free to roam and feed on whatever they get. I love the beautiful brown color of the egg shells. Unspoiled and close to the color of the earth.

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I could not wait to cook my eggs. I heated a skillet, dropped in a hint of  cooking oil, cracked open one egg, slowly and gently dropped the egg into the skillet. Cooked it under low heat, spiced it up with some salt and pepper and voila! There it was! Delicious looking egg, in all of it’s glory.

The yolk was begging me to wait.  But I could not wait.  I could literally smell the freshness of the earth in that yummy and enticing rich yellow yolk. I sat down and slowly dag in and tasted it’s glorious goodness. MMMHH. GOOD!

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I love food from the earth. That is where all the goodness of nutritious foods come from. Once you go organic you will never go back!

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