Delicious Ethiopian and Kenyan cuisine now available at….

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Want some great Ethiopian and Kenyan food?

Head on down to Haiget’s new location.  Haiget’s catering is now Haiget’s Restaurant. Haiget recently opened her restaurant and is bringing local East African fare to Edmond, Oklahoma City and the Metro area of Oklahoma.

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Here you will find great dishes like Siga Wot, Injera, Keysir, Doro Wot, Kosta or Spinach, Chapati and Ndengu, Mukimo, Pilau and Beef Stew, great sides like Mango Salsa, Avocado Salad, Masala Fries and Sausage (the Kenya Farmer’s Choice kind)  and much more.

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The restaurant has a great ambiance. The color on the walls reminds me of  the beautiful sunsets in East Africa; that defining orange glow that you see on every Safari post card, or that which you can experience first hand while sitting on a rooftop cafe enjoying a cup of coffee.

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Owner Haiget and her staff are happy to help you understand the menu and explain what dish complements the other. Above you will find some of the dishes served up daily.

Scrumplicious Food! Blog _MG_2087The menus describe each dish very well. You will find familiar ingredients like chopped tomatoes and onion in your Avocado salad, mashed potatoes and peas in your Mukimo, beef and assorted peppers in your Tibs. Chicken in your Doro wot, ground beef and delicate herbs and spice in your Samosas. There is something for everyone’s taste.

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When we went to dinner, I had the Doro Wot, paired with Injera. You get three sides for dinner. I picked avocado salad, mango salsa and phosolea.  Hubby had the Sigo Wot paired with Injera. Msir kik, keysir and masala fries were his sides. I also had chai masala, lovely spiced up tea. It was a FABULOUS experience.

For a great night out, you can ask to seat in the special area to experience the real Ethiopian tradition of eating with friends and family.

What can I say? The food is to die for. Well seasoned and full of great exotic flavour. By the end of your meal you will find yourself licking your fingers and wanting more.

Complements to the chef!

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Other delicious item you can get are appetizers such as  the popular Kenyan snacks, Samosa and Sausage. They are best eaten with a hot cup of tea or coffee or simply with a hint of lemon or lime juice. Here is what I took home to enjoy with hubbie. ( Samosa above and Sausage below)

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I will be trying the Chapati Wrap next. Chapati, is similar to a tortilla and  is typically eaten with beef stew or Ndengu Stew.

The Chapati Wrap comes with marinated, sauteed chicken, wrapped in lettuce, kachumbari (salsa) and served up with two sides like avocado salad and keysir. (You get to pick your sides)

Kudos to Haiget for coming up with this interesting twist on a common and popular American/Mexican dish.

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Here is a previous post on Ethiopian dishes by Haiget.

Get Haiget’s location here.

Haiget's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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