Oranges Rock!


Why do Oranges rock?

They are a sweet and juicy fruit that contain the almighty Vitamin C.  Oranges are important for different reasons like preventing scurvy, improving respiratory health and improving your general immune system.

When you include oranges in your diet you get Potassium and Calcium as well as fiber and antioxidants. See other benefits.

Oranges are generally used to make orange juice. Traditionally seen as a breakfast item, orange juice is versatile and can be drank at any time of the day. I drink orange juice for breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon and with an evening meal.


How to get more of this vital  Vitamin C.

  • Get some Cuties. They look like a small oranges, but really are a  type of clementine. Cuties is a market and trademark name for clementine mandarins.
  • I love these little mandarins.   They are sooooo.. easy to peel. Easy to enjoy too. Kids love them too.
  • Get some oranges. Slice and enjoy!
  • Try and order a glass of orange juice with a meal when eating out. It sure is better for you than a glass of soda!
  • You could also include orange juice at snack time, lunch or dinner.  Challenge yourself!


Oranges grow in warm weather climates like Florida. Here is an orange tree that we saw in St. Augustine, Fl.


See how the cuties look like oranges.

Oh! How I miss you Florida!

Loved Loved St. Augustine!

Beautiful blue ocean water…. sail boats, cool breeze…. and more….


And……. of course the beautiful palm trees.


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