Cafe Do Brasil: Brazilian food disaster!

This was supposed to be an extraordinary night full of fun and the excitement of foreign food adventure. We sat right at the front where you could get a whole view of the restaurant and enjoy the buzz of the crowd and the music from the band by the door.

Then we ordered. I had looked online before hand and had wanted to order the Linguica Mineira that was supposed to be Brasilian spicy sausage served with rice, collard greens, vinaigrette, feijao tropeiro ( mixture of pinto beans, yuka flour, bacon eggs, parsley and scallions) under the Beef, Pork and Sausage Menu.


I actually thought I ordered this dish and was surprised to see it come in a some type of stone dish. A huge serving that could have fed about three to four people. What was worse is that the dish was cold and the cooking oil in the dish had coagulated on the sausage and pork meat, rice was cold and the whole thing very unappealing. I begged my party to eat up as it was too much. The dish appeared to have been dumped into this cold stone serving dish, unlike the sizzling delight you get when you order fajitas at a Mexican restaurant. The next shocker was that the bill was  almost twice what I expected.


Later on, while on the Cafe do Brasil website I found out that the stone ware dish was Feijoanda Brasilian National Dish, a rich stew of black beans, sausage and  pork meat served with collard greens, rice, farofa ( ground yuka roasted with garlic and butter) vinaigrette and sweet orange. Served in a stone pot. It was under the House Specialties Menu.

Can you believe my shock. I don’t recall having any black beans in my dish and also the stone pot thing threw me off.

Two weeks later, I had a party of 4 that wanted to check out the place and immediately told them that I would rather go across the street to Kaiser’s and eat a great burger then come back later on to check out the music and quite ambiance at the terrace upstairs.

( Click on the Picture above to enlarge. You will see  how close Kaiser’s is to this restaurant)


You get great views of downtown OKC and it is quite the place for a nice drink and chat with family and friends.

Sorry, but I certainly will not be returning to this restaurant for it’s food ever!

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  1. I have been to this restaurant dozens of times and had one similar experience which I attributed to a language barrier. I asked them to get me the correct dish and after they got a different waiter over that was more comfortable with English (or perhaps Okie), everything was resolved quickly. Perhaps it is just me but I expect a challenge every once in a while when communicating with people from other countries. They have always gave me the impression that they want you to be happy.

  2. Not sure it was a language barrier issue. The waiter did repeat the order back and seemed to understand what I had ordered. Given your suggestion though I may decide to return some time in the future.

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