American Pizzeria: Sfuzzi – Dallas, TX

Sfuzzi menuMy most favorite place to hang out in Dallas is this great Pizza place called Sfuzzi, located in Uptown Dallas, TX.
We happened to bump into this historic restaurant one Memorial weekend and have never forgotten how cozy it was, how welcomed we felt and how we were treated like royalty. The open wrap around and covered patio with numerous cooling misters drew us in. We were hot from the walk down McKinney Avenue and needed to cool down.

Sfuzzi Restaurant

First came this delicious breads and an ice cold glass of water.

Sfuzzi bread for brunch
Next, we were convinced to have a Mimosa, a traditional brunch beverage served as Champagne with Orange juice. You can use any other juice. A  Mimosa Recipe shows that you should mix 3 parts of Champagne and 1 part of Juice. We got two kinds of juice: Orange and Mango juice and had a great time mixing and drinking while waiting on our order.

Sfuzzi Champagne
Sfuzzi Mango Mango mixLunch was another great story. We had the largest pizza I have ever seen. A 1/2 meter of Pizza that had special order of pulled BBQ pork and pepperoni on each side of the pizza.  We like to order 1/2 and 1/2 so as to get the best of two experiences. The pizza was SO large it took us about 2 hours to eat it and still we never got done. All the while, we were serenaded with music from the House DJ. It was great and I never wanted to leave. It was simply a perfect and magical afternoon. The ambiance was great and I can imagine that many customers were coming to chill out and wind down from a hectic week.
Sfuzzi Uptown on Urbanspoon

Sfuzzi Mezzo Metro Pizza

After stuffing yourself with food, get yourself on the M-Line trolley and enjoy sights and sounds of Uptown Dallas. Check out more information to see the sites of interest along the trolley route and also what else there is to do in the area.  You could actually plan a whole day of activity in the area if you have the time.  Enjoy!

M- LineTrolley

M-Line trolley
Enjoy this classic look inside the trolley even more!


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