American Food Safari: What a nice place for a night out!

The place: Louie’s grill and bar

Our reason for going to Louie’s: Every meal on the Louie’s Restaurant menu is under $10?

The appetizer was on the house. A lovely bowl of  fresh chips and dip. Nice!

The drinks: I like a place that serves juices, because to tell you the truth, I don’t really fancy soda, bottled or fountain.  I got my favorite; Orange juice. Delicious!

What we got and what you could get:

Blue cheese burger

The reason Hubbie gets this one is the crumbled blue cheese. He says it creates a sensational in his mouth that is indescribable.

Southwest chicken platter

Because I grew up eating real food (aka non – fast food – kind of food), I always prefer not to eat food that is burger related or burger appearing. So, I went for the platter section and selected the blackened chicken breast topped with chipotle honey mustard, grilled onions, jalapenos, applewood smoked bacon and melted mixed cheese. What a treat of flavors.  I selected a side of fried green beans and a side of broccoli salad.

The Broccoli salad was a special treat.  I had never eaten anything green or veggie like that was so crisp, so crunchy, and so nutritious looking. It tasted absolutely delicious with the chicken.


Louie’s has several locations in the metro area. My favorite is the Lake Hefner location. The ambiance at this Louie’s is heightened by the romance of the lake water, the cool breeze and the fact that even while sitting inside you can see the lake and sail boats cruising by. This is just perfect for a nice romantic dinner with your other half. Go early so that you can catch a glimpse of sunset over the lake. Enjoy!
Louie's Grill & Bar on Urbanspoon
Of course you can select more fabulous items any time on the Louie’s Menu . The menu may vary in your location as they strive to use the freshest ingredients in each location.


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