Sensational Mango Lassi

This is simply the best summer drink ever!

3 T plain yogurt
(I like peach yogurt)
1/2c milk
1c mango pulp

Pour in blender and mix until smooth
Add cardamon (I used the seeds) you can use powder
Blend again for 5 sec

Pour into a glass and enjoy!

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Tasty Indian cuisine

To celebrate a friend’s college graduation we decided to go to Gopuram, considered the best of Indian Cuisine. We wanted to accommodate everyone’s taste buds and we were not disappointed.

The food is served buffet style. There is a variety of sensational delights such as rice, (white or yellow), chicken, (chicken tandoori, or chicken tikka masala), spinach, naan (bread, which was served warm at our table) and much much more.

For a drink we ordered the unforgettable mango lassi. A delicious blend of mango puree and yogurt, which you must try. I loved it so much that I bought the ingredients and now can make a similar version for afternoon treats.

I like it here because the wait staff don’t spend every minute of their time asking if every thing is going okay. You get to eat with no disturbances and you can visit the buffet as many times as you like. We were there for about 3 hours and everything went great!

Gopuram Taste of India on Urbanspoon

I also like to go there to get in touch with my Kenyan heritage. Our food has become a blend of Arabic, Swahili and native food. Gopuram’s tasty array of foods brings the spices, scents, colors and delicacies close to home. Go celebrate ethnicity and diversity. Eat something different, you will not regret it! $10.95 for buffet and $3.00 for the mango lassi on the weekends. Is that a scrumplicious deal or what?

It’s your birthday… Surprise!!! – A take and bake pizza

I was about to go pick cake for a birthday treat when I thought, why not turn it up a notch? Why not get pizza? So, I  drove on to Papa Murphy’s where they guarantee a fresh pizza with ingredients of your choice, made right before your eyes.

The trick is, you have to take the pizza home and bake it. I thought that was a really nice idea. When I got home, I was surprised to find that the pizza was quite a hit. The birthday boy was besides himself. Cake, who needs cake?
Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake on Urbanspoon

So, there you go! Check out this 14″ delight! (yes! we measured). Get the pizza and make it an experience your family will never forget!  $4.99 plus tax, (when I got it)  makes it a pretty good deal for  Friday night or that busy Monday night when you are too exhausted to cook. Check the website, enter your  zip code and get coupons for your area.

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