Grilled Corn: Summer time treat!

Maize, Corn…… whatever!  This is a treat I remember from visiting my grandparents who grew maize, beans, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, coffee, tea  among other things for their livelihood. My grannies would pick fresh corn from their farms,  bring it in, clean it up and put it by the fire to grill it. It was a fabulous treat!

I recently introduced grilled corn to my hubby who never imagined eating grilled maize (what I called it) or grilled corn (what he called it). He said they had plenty in Iowa, close to where he grew up and yet he had never had corn, grilled. Amazing.

Anyway, who thought that grilled corn would be so delicious?

We decided to grill some corn while grilling chicken and….oh my goodness! What a surprise!

Preparation is easy.  Clean corn by removing husks and silks, wash with water and pat dry

As you grill your chicken or burgers, place corn on the sides of  grill so that they cook on low heat. Turn the corn occasionally. When slightly browned, remove and place on dish.  Spread some butter add salt and pepper ( optional) and enjoy!

So now,  when you see the corn selling for 3 for a buck, grab some and give your family a treat. You won’t regret it!

Simply scrumplicious! 15/10


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