A fabulous treat for fabulous ladies!

Inspirations Tea Room

For the first ever Fabulous Ladies meet, we decided to go to the one of a kind tea room in Oklahoma; Inspirations Tea Room. It was fabulous from the get go! We walked into a little paradise that only one of us had visited before. It looked like a mysterious castle. Ceilings  over 12ft high, beautiful serenading tea rooms, grand rooms with fireplaces, sun rooms, gazebos, lovely tea settings, filled with  friends and families who had gathered to  share happiness and joy. The motto engraved at the entrance is  “encouraging, faith, family and friends”.

Outside, was a splendid garden and beautiful view.  As we sat in the sun room we took in the beauty of the great outdoors. An appetizer plate of scones and lemon curd was already set.   We got our choice of tea from the menu. I had the Bangkok tea – green tea flavored with coconut, lemongrass and ginger. Lunch was served with a selection of sandwiches, salad and tomato-basil soup.  Dessert was your choice of coconut cake, chocolate cake, or peach cobbler. As we ate lunch, and talked, we couldn’t help but feel special.

This place is truly precious.  Make sure to dress up and wear a hat if you can.  It really will take you to another time period.  Don’t be surprised if, all of a sudden you start feeling like a princess, and all the people around you are part of your grand kingdom, there at your beck and call!
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***Get together for your own fabulous ladies get together to share good company, have a hearty laugh and get inspired to live life to the fullest. It is where magical moments happen.***


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