A sensational drink on the go

006The other day I was at the store and while shopping I decided to treat myself, as I have always done since high school. This time I thought I should try something different, something new. (I always get chocolate or a peanut bar of some kind). While at the counter, musing over what it would be, something caught my eye….Not far from where I stood, was some type of drink wrapped in sensational colors: soft yellow, purple-pinkish, Redish-pink. Real pretty colors like flowers in a meadow. Like a child drawn to crayola crayons, I found myself hypnotized and mesmerized. I quickly grabbed a bottle, opened it and drank some. I was surprised by the soft smooth flavor of coconut and something. I love anything coconut. I could not stop, and was half way through before I realized that I should savor the moment, the taste, the freshness. It was after all, a treat.

This I thought, was the best drink ever! This was the fabulous Banana Colada Fuze drink. It made me feel like I was on the beach, on a tropical island in the Caribbean.  What a nice name.  Banana Colada. I had heard of Pina Colada but not of Banana Colada. So I investigated some and found that drinks in the Fuze brand all have lovely names like: Strawberry Melon, Blueberry Raspberry, Pomegranate Acai Berry in the low calorie, low sugar category, Peach Mango, Strawberry Guava, Strawberry Banana, the refreshingly smart drinks loaded with vitamins A,B,C,E and Calcium and teas like Green Tea with Honey and White Tea Agave Goji Berry and the vitalize category like Orange Mango which is packed with electrolytes, vitamins A, C and E to gear you up for an active lifestyle.

005I am all for healthy food and healthy living. Check out Fuze for all you need to know about the drinks, their great looks and health benefits.  If you are like me you will get hooked! The next time, I went for the Goji Wild Berry because I wanted to give back. When you buy this particular drink 0.10cts of the $1.48 will be going to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Hooray for Fuze! Try out Fuze for their great and unique taste if not for anything else.

Now is that not a scrumplicious deal or what!

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Delighting in beer! And it’s not what you are thinking…

I was looking through the Women Who Launch website, (after reading a book by the same title) and came across a website for Tastefully Simple. I could have sworn that I did not know who Tastefully Simple was, until something caught my eye.  It was a product that really seemed familiar but I did not know why. After checking out the “shop our products” link, it suddenly dawned on me that one of the products was on show in my pantry and had been for a couple of months! We got it as a gift over Easter. Well, on Sunday Hubbie and I decided to mix the product with a bottle of beer (as per box instructions) and what a delight!Beer and Bread Mix

I say delight because I don’t drink beer and was worried about the taste. But, if you are not the dare devil that I am, go ahead and use soda or carbonated juice.

Well here it is, the wonderful and delicious Bountiful Beer Bread from Tastefully Simple
The mix goes for $5.49 and makes 14 serCheck it out!vings. Or you can get a triple treat with the Cozy Comfort Gift Box which includes the Bountiful Beer Bread mix, For the Love of Cookies and Creamy Wild Rice Soup Mix for $26.95. Go ahead and get the Bread or Gift box next time you want to have a treat or are having a party. Now is that a Scrumplicous deal or what?.

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Treats on a whim! Made with no measurements, just a plain desire to eat!

Homemade Queso!

Take a slice or two of Velveeta cheese. Add a little milk. (The more you add the creamier it gets). Microwave until cheese is melted. Stir occasionally. Mix in salsa, (we used salsa verde), some cayenne pepper and ground cumin. To make the queso hot, add jalapeno or any pepper you like.178

Enjoy with Tortilla chips. We like the Santitas brand.

Now is that a scrumplicious deal or what!

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